The First WordCamp in Asia will be in CSB

Posted: August 4, 2008 by pageman in CSB
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AIM will be hosting the first WordCamp in Asia and it will be held in the College of St. Benilde on September 6 2008. For more details check out the WordCamp Philippines blog.

  1. vince says:

    is this for real? our org will be handling this event? yay!haha. ang saya!=)


  2. Hello AIM! SDA-MMA Student here.

    I wish you all the best for this event & its a great job to host it in our school. I’m sure DLS-CSB will be very proud with you guys. Animo Benilde!

    ONE MMA Project

  3. unknown says:

    you are just lucky. at first, with your adviser. He’s the one supplying you projects. you are not thinking of projects for the org anymore. HE’S THE ONE.

    congratulations to him. 🙂

  4. pageman says: (the comment above) – it works both ways – the adviser can get the projects put at the end of the day, AIM has to deliver and they’ve done it again and again – cbreak gigs, WCG Forum, Frosh Night, Myx Slam Jam, Wordcamp 2008 etc.

  5. ruther26 says:

    yeah… of course we’re lucky.. hahah

    knowing mr.pageman.. he knows a lot and he have many connections or friends… haha

    and for other…
    we have many BIG EVENTS comming.. so watch out for us… haha!

  6. uij says: (3rd commenter)

    haha.. natatawa ako sa comment mo..

    kindly bear in mind.. iba ang magsuggest sa mag conceptualize.. how do you know the internal mechanisms of AIM? as if you know the project management process of our orgs.. we duly recognize the impact of our adviser in our operations.. so it is rightful to give him the just credits..

    pero hindi ba obvious?! ang nag-attest sa galing ng aim officers are the wordcamp blogger volunteers themselves.. ahaha.. nice try!

    i’m assuming that you are really envying BIG-TIME, the status of this year’s batch of officers.. sori naman.. maybe it would be better if you can experience working with us.. project managing per se.. kasi parang you have lots of ‘constructive’ ideas to bring to the table..

    GO AIM GO!

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