Learn how to deploy an ecommerce app on Ruby on Rails!

Posted: December 1, 2008 by pageman in CSB
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Be a WebDev Hero! Learn Heroku

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde Information Systems student Arjay “JayThree03” Orcasitas will be presenting to his peers how to deply Spree, an online commerce app on Ruby on Rails over Heroku on Wednesday, December 3 2008 at CL8, DLS-CSB Main Campus from 1030AM up to 230pm

Check out also the spree-user thread where Spree Sean Schofield becomes interested in Heroku:

“Now you have got me interested in Heroku and Spree 🙂
Please do a blog post or something on this so we can all learn what
you did.  I’m also curious how you resolved the Rails 2.1.2 problem?
Did you use an earlier version of Spree or did you just change the
Rails Version in the Spree code?  I bet the current code works with
Rails 2.1.0 if you changed the required Rails version only – but I’m
curious to know for sure.”

If you want a preview of what’s going to happen, check out these screencasts!


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